Looking for a FODMAP Dietitian?

Over the last 5 years EatFit has been training dietitians across South Africa so they are up-to-date with the latest Low FODMAP Diet research. We are excited to announce that there are now many EatFit trained FODMAP Dietitians working in most parts of South Africa.
We support them and they support each other through the EatFit network so we are never working alone and always have another expert to confer with.

What is an EatFit Approved Dietitian?

All EatFit approved dietitians have followed an intense 15 hours training based on a similar course run by King’s College in London (the UK centre for excellence for the low FODMAP diet). That means all of the EatFit Approved Dietitians are evidence based and on top of the latest research in the area of FODMAPs. All the dietitians have a pecialist interest in Irritable Bowel Syndrome, digestive concerns and gut health but they also cover a range of other health areas.

Why do you want to see a FODMAP Dietitian?

International guidelines advise that anyone considering following the Low FODMAP Diet does so under the supervision of a ‘FODMAP trained dietitian’. The low FODMAP diet is more complicated compared to some other elimination diets as FODMAPs are found across a lot of different foods. There is a risk that you might compromise your nutritional status and gut health if you follow the diet incorrectly.

Contact an EatFit Approved Dietitian in your area

Please complete our contact form and let us know what area you are in and we will put you in touch with your nearest EatFit Approved Dietitian.