Dietitian Training

EatFit aims to train dietitians in current, evidence based gastrointestinal topics. We aim to give you all the available evidence and then to translate it into practical usable information for the practicing dietitian.

EatFit guest lecturers are chosen for their background and expertise relating to the chosen topic.

All our dietitian training courses have CEU approval.

Current Courses

EatFit Courses

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Past Courses

  • 2023 – EatFit Bite Size Sessions Launch
  • 2022/3 – Dietary Fibre Update
  • 2022- EatFit for IBS Online Training
  • 2021 – EatFit for IBS Online Training
  • 2020 – Gut Health and the Microbiome
  • 2019 – EatFit for IBS Online Training
  • 2019 – Understanding Food Allergy
  • 2017 – EatFit for IBS National training roadshow
  • 2016 – EatFit for IBS Launch course