EatFit Bite Size Sessions


Episode 1: The Gentle Low FODMAP Diet 

The Low FODMAP diet has gained recognition over the past 15 years as a credible treatment for IBS and a handful of other conditions. As the use and experience of the diet in clinical practice has grown , some research centres are questioning if it is a one size fits all approach. This first bite size episode covers a different , “gentler” approach to the Low FODMAP diet. Its origins, indications and practical application.


Episode 2: Childhood IBS & the Low FODMAP Diet

In this Bite Size Episode we explore Disorders of Gut Brain Interaction in childhood. We will broadly overview the group of disorders but will focus on IBS where the research lies. We will delve into the dietary treatment options and particularly look at the use of the Low FODMAP Diet in this patient group. We will offer some practical advice for application into your clinical practice and we will include two relevant articles and detailed case study.


Episode 3: Mindfulness for you and your patient

Mindfulness training is gaining momentum. Particularly in the gut health and IBS space. This Bite Size Episode delivered by Julie and Liz of Simplicity Coaching provides an overview of the practice and science of mindfulness and how it can help control gut symptoms. It will equip you with practical ways to integrate mindfulness into your practice and supply you with some easy applications and tools to use in you daily work.