EatFit Patient Programmes

EatFit Patient Programmes are administered by EatFit Trained Dietitians. (contact us to find your nearest)

Our Patient Programmes are a translation of the science of gut health, nutrition and disease into a practical, easily usable format. The EatFit dietitian can use our process  and resources in their consultations with you to encourage the positive behavioural change you need.

EatFit for IBS

  • For those with Irritable Bowel Syndrome or other functional gut condition
  • Step wise multidisciplinary approach:
  1. Exploration of present eating, drinking, lifestyle and bowel habits
  2. First line eating principals.
  3. The Low FODMAP Diet
  4. Challenge Phase
  5. Individualising the diet
  • Resources include- diet sheets , meal plans, food lists, recipes
  • Takes 4-18weeks depending on response

EatFit for Gut Health

  • Relevant for all
  • For those seeking to heal their gut and nurture their gut microbiome.
  • Guidance is provided on:
    • Eating better and balancing your meals
    • Plant power
    • Fibre manipulation
    • Prebiotics
    • Probiotics
  • Individualised assessment and treatment
  • Resources include- Information sheets , tick lists, sample menus

EatFit Fibre Management

  • For those with constipation , bloating, diarrhoea, and other medical conditions.
  • A full assessment of present eating habits, food choices, bowel habits and lifestyle factors
  • Detailed discussion on dietary manipulation around fibre balance and a healthy diet and medications
  • Individualized step wise fibre plan.
  • Resources include – information sheets, meal plan, menus