The Gentle Low FODMAP Diet




Course overview :
The Low FODMAP diet has gained recognition over the past 15 years as a credible treatment for IBS and a handful of other conditions. As the use and experience of the diet in clinical practice has grown , some research centres are questioning if it is a one size fits all approach. This first bite size episode covers a different , “gentler” approach to the Low FODMAP diet. Its origins, indications and practical application.

Course overview :
1 lecture, 1 case study with a 10 mark quiz , 2 x CPD articles and questions

1. Introduction and background to the Gentle Low FODMAP Diet
2. Theory behind the diet and Indications for use
3. Practical Application of the Diet
4. Case Study and Quiz
5. Journal Articles and Questions
6. Evaluation

CPD information :
Approved for 5 CPDs until end 2023  

Course availability:
Online, On demand


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